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        • 產品名稱:DIG High Prime Lab/Detection K
        • 產品貨號:11745832910
        • 產品規格:12LR;24DR
        • 產品品牌:ROCHE
        • 供應商:Roche
        • 產品產地: 產品價格:¥詢價
        • 產品說明書:
        • 保存于運輸說明:
        • -20℃
        • 詳細信息:
        • DIG High Prime DNA Labeling and Detection Starter Kit 1Kit for color detection with NBT/BCIP

          Roche公司現為用戶提供一種新的DIG標記及檢測試盒DIG High Prime DNA Labeling and Detection Kit I。與原有的DIG DNA Labeling and Detection kit(Cat.No.1093657)比較,本產品有以下特點:

          能對10×10cm印跡膜作12個標記反應及24個顯色檢測反應,是DIG DNA Labeling and Detection Kit(Cat.No.1093657)份量的一半,所以特別適合初用者及需處理較少量樣品的用戶使用。







          Kit1 kit (12 labeling reactions and 24 detection reactions)






          DIG-High Prime labeled probes can be used in Southern-, northern- and dot-blot analysis, as well as colony and plaque hybridizations. This kit offers random-primed labeling of DNA templates with DIG-11-dUTP, alkali-labile, and color detection of the DIG-labeled hybrids. This kit was assembled with convenience in mind, offering a ready-made blocking solution, combined stock solution of NBT/ BCIP, and DIG Easy Hyb granules. The DIG-High Prime mixture includes stabilized Klenow enzyme, nucleotides, primers, and reaction buffer, all in one convenient reagent. 


          The High Prime method of labeling offers many benefits. Plasmid, cosmid, and lambda phage DNA have all been used as templates. We have achieved equal efficiency when labeling 10 ng to 3 µg of template DNA, which may be linear or supercoiled. 

          Product Description

          Sensitivity and specificity: The standard assay uses 1 µg of linearized pBR328. It is usual to expect 0.8 µg labeled DNA after 1 hour of labeling, and 2.3 µg labeled DNA after a 20-hour reaction. In a dot-blot hybridization, 0.1 pg of homologous DNA is detectable after a 16-hour color development (probe concentrations at 20 ng/ml). A single-copy human gene (tPA) is detectable in a Southern blot, loading 1 µg of digested placenta DNA. 


          1.       DIG-High Prime, 5x conc., 50 µl

          2.       DIG-labeled Control DNA, 20 µl, (5 µg/ml), pBR328 (linearized with Bam HI)

          3.       DNA Dilution Buffer, 3 x 1 ml

          4.       Anti-digoxigenin-AP Conjugate, 100 µl

          5.       NBT/BCIP Stock Solution, conc., 6 x 1 ml

          6.       Blocking Solution, 10x conc., 4 x 100 ml

          DIG Easy Hyb Granules, 4 x 100 ml 

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